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An idea [17 Aug 2014|11:43pm]


I've had an idea, I don't know if its feasible. I don't even know how active this community is at this point. Basically... would it be possible to acquire a telecommuting job here in the states and then... move abroad, so long as I have a functional american phone number and a decent internet connection, that should work right?

Then I'd move about the continent for a year or two, living and "working" in different cities. Staying between 3-6 weeks in each city...

Thoughts on this? Does it sound do-able?

I want an adventure and it seems that I'm barely employable by European standards.
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Traveling to London for Wimbledon? [19 Jun 2013|08:54pm]

Check out this former Russian pin-up tennis star in Anastasia's Black Book: http://bit.ly/19RSi1q

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Travel Insurance + Backpacks [08 Jun 2013|09:29pm]


Does anyone have tips for the best (not too egregiously expensive) backpacks for (potential) round-the-world trips?

If you don't have anything to recommend, did you have any particularly BAD experiences with any backpacks (I would appreciate company name and model name, if you can remember).

Also: does anyone have any recommendations for good travel insurance (covering medical + trip cancellation/interruption) company for a year-long round-the-world trip?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any insurance policies I can get JUST for insuring the loss or theft of my high-value electronic items? (Aside from not bringing them altogether, but I find having a laptop is essential when trying to book hostels, find hosts, get flights, etc.)

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Working Abroad [06 May 2013|12:30pm]

I was recently given the opportunity to take a new position... where in I work from home. Typing behavioral health reports, which is really interesting. I got to thinking, since I can log in from anywhere... could I work from another country? Has anyone done this? The idea just appeared, I haven't researched it but I prefer to hear personal experience to slogging through country work visa laws.

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Germany-moving tips [28 Mar 2013|10:55am]

I will be moving to Germany on September 1st and will be spending a year there as an exchange student at the PH Karlsruhe. Since I cannot fly directly into Karlsruhe (I will be taking a plane to Frankfurt then a train to Karlsruhe) I wanted to keep the amount of stuff actually with me to a bare minimum. Certain things I must take with, for example my bassoon (I am a musician) must be checked because cabin pressure or lack there of will mess up the instrument and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. I am working with my bassoon teacher (who has/does travel to Germany with her bassoon) on that one. But for everything else I was hoping to ship almost everything. Does anyone here have experience doing that? Is it cost-effective, worth it, plausible? I will have to bring a fair amount of stuff because I will be there for a year.
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Brussels [06 Dec 2012|01:34am]

So... I'm taking a trip to London in January. I've got a few things to do and I have more days than I need. I was thinking about hoping the Eurostar to Brussels. Good idea, for a day trip? Bad idea? I've been to England 5 times prior to this and have seen most of what I'd like to see and have a trip planned in May to head back to London, so it'd be okay to spend a day or two elsewhere.

What should I see in Brussels? Where should I eat? How easy are the trams? Give me all the experience you've got, please and thanks!
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voting [11 Aug 2012|01:26pm]

the San Francisco dept of elections sent email out asking -
Military and Overseas Voters, do you want to receive your November 6, 2012 ballot by e-mail or fax?

which I certainly do. must fill out and mail back the pdf by Aug 24.
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Keep in touch with family while over seas [18 Jun 2012|01:31pm]


Here is a great tool to use for those out of the country.


With this system you can create a real greeting card and it will printed, placed in an envelope, stamped and mailed for you from the US. Try it for free and send 2 cards on me. If you like it, sign up and spread the word.

Affordable, professional and fun to use.
Over 12K cards to choose from, we have a saying. There is a card for that.

Any questions let me know.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

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Australian Permanent Residency [12 Jan 2012|07:06pm]

Anyone have experience with getting Australian permanent residency?  after living in the country for a while on a student visa?  The fees are scary.  I can't figure out if I need to take the English language test.  The immigration people are not much help.
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Question about getting jobs while traveling [05 Jan 2012|04:11pm]

I was just reading how jobs in the us are going up and it got me thinking. You see, we are planning a visit to either Europe or Argentina this year, and I would like to work while doing so. Not just to have the extra money of course but to have the experience of working outside of the states, purely for the experience of it - not like any sort of resume building goal. Is it complicated to get a temporary job like that? Thoughts? Thanks :)
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IT'S OUT! (blatant book pimping) [28 Sep 2011|02:42pm]

My book, "Dispatches from the Peninsula: Six Years in South Korea" has officially been released. I would have never gotten the opportunity to write the book if it wasn't for this for the years I spent slogging away at this blog, so it's terrific to announce it here.


It's available at most major bookselling websites, including AMAZON. It should be making it into some stores in Korea and the Northwest soon, so look out for it. I'll be doing a small US book tour in early December stopping in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland and will post details here.

Reviews have been great so far. Check 'em out:


This popular Korea blogger gives is a BIG THUMBS UP

...and the personal responses have been just awesome.

So.... BUY IT!!!
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Converter needed? [16 Aug 2011|04:35pm]

Do I need a converter for these appliances in Spain, or will an adapter be okay (I think my laptop, camera, etc., just need an adapter)? All have been bought in the past couple years.

-Individual size George Foreman grill (120V, 60Hz, 760W)
-Hair dryer and straightener

According to the Summary Reference Table towards the bottom of this page, I think it implies that I just need an individual adapter for each (no surge strip), but I want to make sure I understand this right.
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Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) 2011-2012 eIntern Positions [07 Jul 2011|09:22pm]

Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) 2011-2012 eIntern Positions

Thought some people might be interested in that.
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Tips for traveling in Costa Rica [28 Jun 2011|09:05am]

 Hi, I posted a while back about going to Costa Rica and travel-blogging. I'm home now and I just wanted to share the remainder of my Costa Rica related entries in case anyone is planning on going there and needs some tips.

01. Freaking out after reading about crime in CR.
02. First few days.
03. Excursion to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean Coast
04. Classes @ the Conversa Institute in Santa Ana
05. Excursion to Manuel Antonio, a National Park on the Pacific Coast
06. Excursion to a resort (!) Guanacaste (Northern CR, Pacific side)
07. General: On traveling in Costa Rica - some tips ******
08. Culture shock & reverse culture shock - fitting back in at home.

Hope this is helpful to somebody out there!
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Flight price weirdness? [13 Jun 2011|03:12pm]

I'm visiting my boyfriend in South America for the holidays and am buying my tickets ASAP. I'm flying from St. Louis, MO into Bolivia and later out of Chile back to St. Louis. But there's one thing:

Flying to Santa Cruz involves a flight from La Paz to Santa Cruz. Flying to La Paz is basically the same itinerary, just without the extra flight to Santa Cruz.

They are the EXACT SAME PRICE in every agency I look at online. Can anyone explain this to me? What happened to that extra flight I'm forgoing? Does it have no monetary value? It just seems weird to me.
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Shipping from Germany to the US [05 Jun 2011|12:59am]

So I'm probably moving back to the US from Berlin in the next month. I am not shipping furniture, but would mainly like to send clothes and maybe a few books. What is the cheapest way to do this? I don't care how long it takes.
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Currently in Costa Rica & Travel Blogging [30 May 2011|09:20pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've been posting about my travels abroad on my personal journal and I just figured maybe someone out there in livejournal-land might be thinking about either studying abroad or traveling to Costa Rica. I'm studying at the Conversa Institute in Santa Ana (right outside the capital, San Jose). This is my second trip - the first time I stayed for one month, this time I'm taking classes for 2 weeks and traveling for 1 week. But anyway, if you're interested, you can friend my journal or read the below posts. Next weekend I'll probably go to either the national park Manuel Antonio or the Arenal Volcano. And the following week, my sister and I will most likely be staying in various hotels along the pacific coast.

After a few days
I also spent a semester in Chile in fall of 2008. My adventures & misadventures are posted on heatherinchile if you're interested in reading them, though you'll have to go back maybe 3 pages to start from the beginning. 
x-posted to a few places; sorry if you get this more than once
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STEP program? [03 May 2011|11:09am]

Okay, so I read the recent Worldwide Travel Alert, which in a nutshell says: The US Department of State alerts citizens traveling and residing abroad to the enhanced potential for anti-American violence....blah, blah blah...strongly urged to limit their travel outside of their homes and hotels....

Okay, so I think that's probably being overly cautious.

But the Department of State's Twitter account is now suggesting that American's living abroad register for STEP - The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Basically, it tells the Department of State that you are travelling/living abroad and then they know where you are.

Has anyone actually registered with STEP? I've been in the UK for a year and a half now, and I see no reason to register for this. I'm just looking for opinions.
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