Alissa Marie (plutocracy_) wrote in americansabroad,
Alissa Marie

Moving to Madrid

Hello hello hello -

I have been watching this community for a while, and I recently (about 3 weeks ago) found out that I will be spending July 2011 - September 2012 living and working in Madrid! I am very excited about this (and also a bit terrified).

Anyway, I was wondering if people had some wisdom that they were willing to share about some things that I could not find in old entries/wanted updated news on:

- What kinds of clothes should I bring? I am assuming that I will want to buy stuff when I arrive, so I am planning on packing pretty light. However, if I have some stuff that would work there (or items I should ABSOLUTELY NOT BRING BECAUSE HELLO AMERICAN) I would LOVE to know this before I go. I am in my early 20s and am female.

- Besides a computer, should I be bringing any larger/electronicy items? Or plan on buying there so I don't have to worry about voltage stuff?

- Any other advice/whatever?

Thanks so much in advance! 

xposted to a few communities, hope this isn't showing up too often in your LJ life!
Tags: abroad, american, life is awesome, madrid, moving, packing, spain
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