imaginer8614 (imaginer8614) wrote in americansabroad,

Germany-moving tips

I will be moving to Germany on September 1st and will be spending a year there as an exchange student at the PH Karlsruhe. Since I cannot fly directly into Karlsruhe (I will be taking a plane to Frankfurt then a train to Karlsruhe) I wanted to keep the amount of stuff actually with me to a bare minimum. Certain things I must take with, for example my bassoon (I am a musician) must be checked because cabin pressure or lack there of will mess up the instrument and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. I am working with my bassoon teacher (who has/does travel to Germany with her bassoon) on that one. But for everything else I was hoping to ship almost everything. Does anyone here have experience doing that? Is it cost-effective, worth it, plausible? I will have to bring a fair amount of stuff because I will be there for a year.
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