heather (aperfectsong) wrote in americansabroad,

Tips for traveling in Costa Rica

 Hi, I posted a while back about going to Costa Rica and travel-blogging. I'm home now and I just wanted to share the remainder of my Costa Rica related entries in case anyone is planning on going there and needs some tips.

01. Freaking out after reading about crime in CR.
02. First few days.
03. Excursion to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean Coast
04. Classes @ the Conversa Institute in Santa Ana
05. Excursion to Manuel Antonio, a National Park on the Pacific Coast
06. Excursion to a resort (!) Guanacaste (Northern CR, Pacific side)
07. General: On traveling in Costa Rica - some tips ******
08. Culture shock & reverse culture shock - fitting back in at home.

Hope this is helpful to somebody out there!
Tags: costa rica, latin america, spanish, studying abroad
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