Jessica (moovelvet) wrote in americansabroad,


So... I'm taking a trip to London in January. I've got a few things to do and I have more days than I need. I was thinking about hoping the Eurostar to Brussels. Good idea, for a day trip? Bad idea? I've been to England 5 times prior to this and have seen most of what I'd like to see and have a trip planned in May to head back to London, so it'd be okay to spend a day or two elsewhere.

What should I see in Brussels? Where should I eat? How easy are the trams? Give me all the experience you've got, please and thanks!
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There's more to the UK than just London! What about a day trip North to York or Durham?
Lol well I've been to Brighton, Dover, Devon, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Skegness, Salisbury, the Cotswolds, Bath, Canterbury, Manchester.... I'm actually going because my friends in Skeggy have asked me to be God mother to their little boy. :)